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Organic groats

ORGANIC GROATS are main products of UAB “Ekofrisa”, to production of which special attention is paid.
The unique technology of processing of groats allows to achieve very high quality standards.
Organic groats are without pesticides, chemical additives, radioactive materials, and mold.
UAB “EKOFRISA” has a lot of certificates, proving environmental friendliness, one of the most special certificates - Halal certificate
is among them. It is regarded as the guarantee of the product quality, environmental friendliness,
cleanliness, healthiness and integrity in the world. Only a few companies in Lithuania have this certificate.


Conventional groats

UAB “Ekofrisa” is one of the largest producers of groats in the Baltic countries. The company produces
buckwheat, barley, wheat, pearl barley, pea groats.The company buys the raw materials,
.needed for production, from the Lithuanian farmers and this ensures the highest quality of groats.


Organic buckwheat crackers product line WITHOUT GLUTEN. These crackers have a unique taste
and special attention is paid to environmental friendliness. During participation in exhibitions around the world,
there was a huge demand for namely "GLUTEN FREE products.


Buckwheat hulls bedding

Comparing with traditional pillows and mattresses, the products from buckwheat hulls have many unique advantages. The pillows from
buckwheat hulls are mostly valuated for air permeability, because sweating is not caused and it is very important
during the hot season. They do not cause allergies, because dust mites do not reproduce
in products from buckwheat hulls. The pillows adapt to the shape of the head and the neck, they provide a stable support for the body, suppress snoring.


Buckwheat hulls toys

One of the main features, for which the toys from buckwheat hulls are better than other fillings, is the fact that dust mites
do not reproduce in them. Toys, filled using buckwheat hulls, are perfect presents for a child, they emit comfort and elevate mood.
The toy can be used as the means for reducing pain and helping to sleep. The bag with buckwheat hulls inside
the toy can be warmed up, in such way the child will calm down quickly and sleep in the warm bed. The
warmer will help the child, when the child becomes ill with bronchitis, sinusitis, or suffers from abdominal pain. Also, the buckwheat bag can be cooled.



It is buckwheat hulls which can be used to decorate your outside environment. Buckwheat hull‘s mulch retains moisture in the soil,
protects plants from temperature fluctuations. Without leaking light,
creates unfavorable conditions for weed growth. Mulch doesn‘t acid soil.